We are making every effort to save this sweet girl from heavy metal poisoning. She lived in a very old rusty cage in very dirty conditions when she came to us for help. Please keep your cages rust free. Heavy Metal poisoning can greatly reduce the lifespan and quality of life for your companion parrot. Rusty cages can kill them!


Poor air quality or inhaled toxins can kill your parrot. This sweet girl was confiscated from a meth lab where she lived as an 'air quality' sensor. Parrots are much more sensitive to chemicals and fumes than we humans are. please research every new item you bring into your home including electronics, flooring, wall coverings, appliances, the lists go on amd on.... Some may kill your parrot while others leave them with lasting respiratory issues.

A LITTLE ABOUT THE Sanctuary.....



Companionship and a loving, stress free home are making a difference in this little one's life. He also suffered with a poor diet, filthy home, and neglect.



ALL parrots need a variety of nutrients to remain healthy and happy. Please do your research and educate yourself on what parrots in the wild eat. For wild parrots, their options are nearly endless.

Companion Parrots depend on their humans to provide nutritious food for them. Fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts as well as pellets and a small amount of seed provide the diversity that parrots need to thrive.



Our sanctuary is more than meets the eye. We are also a rehabilitation center for companion birds of all varieties! While we are a permanent safe haven for those unfortunate parrots that are physically or emotionally disabled, we also provide sanctuary for companion birds that just haven't found the right long term home. 

We have had the pleasure of taking in and working with displaced creatures, both feathered and furry since 2008 and will continue to provide a loving and healthy environment for abused, neglected, and displaced parrots through hands on education and personalized care..

Help us, Help them!

Together we CAN make a difference!!